Dan Van Severen / Blauwe Compositie / 1969 / Collectie SMAK / Foto Dirk Pauwels
Muller Van Severen / Tafel in marmer
Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen / After the party / Foto Bas Princen

Le Labo des Héritiers

September 2014
The exhibition ‘Le Labo des Héritiers’ will run in Grand-Hornu Images until 4 January 2015. In it the curators Marie Pok and Veerle Wenes give the floor to the descendants of famous designers. Four young generations of designing families, including the Van Severens, were asked how they experience the artistic heritage of their parents and grandparents. Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen and Muller Van Severen created an installation in the courtyard of Le Grand-Hornu, which combined their work and that of Dan and Maarten Van Severen. They used ‘Wall for a Painting, Floor for a Sculpture’, an exhibition concept by Robbrecht and Daem Architecten, as their starting point. It focuses on the fundamental communication between architecture and art. Souvenirs of Dan and Maarten, which reminded David and Hannes of their youth in and around the studio, define the atmosphere. The open-air setting also suggests that in this family it is okay for time to leave its mark on the work.