Project Openbare Bibliotheek Oudenaarde, in opdracht van Monique Stoop, circa 1984
Project Woning Boudet (Villa Dall'Ava), 1992
Project Woning Boudet (Villa Dall'Ava), circa 1991
Project F88, circa 1988
Project Winkel Puzzzles, jaren 1990
Project Decor toneelstuk Vrouwen & Coca Cola, 1989
Studiereis naar Japan, 1986
Studiereis naar Japan, 1986
Studiereis naar Japan, 1986
Studieproject over de haven van Antwerpen voor de Centrale Examencommissie, 1984
'Containerproject', niet gedateerd
Project Kunstwerken voor Wim Delvoye, niet gedateerd

New files of Maarten Van Severen have surfaced

February 2015
New files of Maarten Van Severen have surfaced, that roughly date from the years between 1985 and 1995. The files about the Boudet House (Villa Dall’Ava) in Paris, his first collaboration with OMA, are especially valuable. The archive of Maarten Van Severen, which was transferred to the Ghent City Archives (De Zwarte Doos) in 2008, included hardly any material about this project. The Villa Dall’Ava file among others includes a nice letter from the architect Rem Koolhaas, in which he thanks Maarten Van Severen for his contribution. There is also material relating to two projects with Xaveer De Geyter, namely the Simons-Neutelings House in Brasschaat and the De Tremerie House in Mariakerke. Other interesting objects include a notebook and a few sketchbooks from a study trip to Japan in 1986. All this material has been cleaned and will now be added to the archive’s database. We will soon feature the most beautiful documents of each project in the image base. The Maarten Van Severen Foundation wishes to extend its thanks to Patrick ’T Hooft, a friend of the family who took care of the archive after it was damaged by moisture. He prevented the archive from being lost for posterity.