Maarten Van Severen & Co

Designers, artists and makers
This exhibition shows what design represented for the man who was the most influential Belgian designer of his era. It links his designs with those of others, across generations and nationalities: designers, architects and artists whose work inspired him or is similar to his. The selection illustrates Maarten Van Severen's attitude and mindset during the design process. It highlights aspects of design that are still relevant for today's designers.

Maarten Van Severen & Co is a constantly changing exhibition. Over the next five years, other and new designs may be added. The emphasis will mainly be on Belgian design. The presentation is a contribution to the Maarten Van Severen chair, which was founded at the KASK / School of Arts Ghent to mark the tenth anniversary of the designer's death. Eva Van Regenmortel of The Maarten Van Severen Foundation curated the exhibition. The scenography is by Robbrecht & Daem Architecten.