Scale models cleaned and packaged

April 2012
The scale models from Maarten Van Severen’s archives have been cleaned and professionally packaged. As part of their work experience, Evelyne Dijkmans and Vera Keijzers, two Conservation and Restoration students at the Artesis Hogeschool in Antwerp, subjected all the objects to expert conservation treatment. First of all the scaled-down furniture and other models were cleaned (using cotton buds and a vacuum-cleaner). After that they were stored in acid-free boxes containing museum art foam, a sheet of polyethylene foam in which the shape of the object is cut out so that it receives sufficient support. Most of the scale models are connected to the projects for the kitchen pavilion at Boxy’s, the Van Abbemuseum and the MVSL04, the seat Maarten Van Severen designed for Durlet.