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Copyright Marc Dubois
Copyright Marc Dubois

Maarten Van Severen in Louvre-Lens

February 2013
At the beginning of December 2012 the museum Louvre-Lens opened its doors. In 2006, the Japanese bureau SANAA, in collaboration with Imrey & Culbert, had won the architectural competition for the building. SANAA had succeeded in transforming the rarefied nature prescribed for the project, which seemed to disregard gravity, into an actual building. The fragile, transparent and reflective atmosphere of the design drawings was practiclly achieved.
The largest room, the Galerie du Temps, has an area of 120 by 25 meters, and this without a single column. It is an impressive space with a slightly sloping floor. Just as for the enclosed exterior façades a light-reflecting aluminium coating was used, creating a hazy reflection of the objects and visitors.
SANAA and Louvre-Lens selected Maarten Van Severen’s .03 for the rest area in the exhibition halls. The chair fits perfectly into the serene atmosphere that SANAA created. After all these years the .03 still remains the favourite chair for many people!
Marc Dubois